A Life-Long Learner and Education

A life-long learner and educator. Now a source of immense pride, it is a descriptor that sharply contradicted my sentiment when I exited my last final exam that marked the conclusion of my undergraduate college education. I incorrectly believed that I had just completed my “final exam” and that I would likely never completely use the industrial/manufacturing engineering curriculum I had finally completed.

While entertaining in hindsight, I doubt any industry visionaries predicted the countless technical and framework certifications that accompanied the information revolution that developed along with my career, or the adaptation and adoption of the same principles I learned as an aspiring manufacturing engineer – where I first learned of Deming, TQM, constraint theory, types of work, that repeatable process create predictable results and the policy, process, procedure and work detail quartet that I evangelize during ITIL/ITSM implementations.

My three-decade career journey has included an MBA and a multitude of the aforementioned credentials. I have held various titles including chief operating officer, vice president, director, manager and individual contributor designations as a specialist, systems engineer, sales engineer, engagement manager, architect and consultant. Though initially introduced to clients as a subject matter expert in one of the IT disciplines that I practice, becoming your Trusted Advisor entails much more – Courage to do what is right, Integrity to do the right thing(s), Accountability regardless of outcome and the Vision to predicts obsticles and ensure success..

I have dabbled in other fields, including earning a culinary degree, an advanced black belt and the noble pursuit of “going the distance” in multiple athletic events. These experiences proved invaluable; teaching teamwork, calm demeanor under pressure and resolve respectively.

It should not surprise you that my approach to information technology reflects diverse experiences. I consider IT professionals a comunity of scientists, craftsman and artists, with the most gifted exhiting a balance between all three traits. I do not advocate one size fits all methodology or framework; project management, service management and security best practices are best when correctly selected, implemented and deliver positive, measurable business results. And I believe that without exception, every business and supporting information system is unique in use and purpose, and defined by factors that transcend technology including vision, mission, strategy, values and strategy.

I am blessed to be part of our challenging and dynamic profession and I look forward to each and every day.